Saturday, 25 August 2012

Small town Montana.

Heading south from Missoula took us through some familiar country, heading towards the great national parks of Yellowstone and the Grand Teton's.

Not the usual wall decoration at Sainsbury's.
Not the usual magazine selection either.
At first glance communities such as Troy, Darby, Wisdom, Jackson (population 38) seemingly hang onto life. Well, life, but not as I know it.

However, they are so independent and isolated that they retain a real sense of community which I find fascinating. At the store in Jackson the owner was sat on the same outside bench that he was some 6 years ago. He did not seem any happier, but he looked as though he belonged....

Of course, this is probably idealised poppycock on my part and they all cannot wait to get out of there. But I do not think so. Perhaps I will never know for sure - it seems to rude to ask directly such a question.

We continued on south, always with the smoke in the air, sometimes so present that you could smell it.

It's always a,using when a name from distant shores appears. I have passed this place twice now; I know, a sacrilege, , but it was before 8.30am on both occasions.....

That is why the wise traveller always leave something to return for.....

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  1. Maybe not Sainsburys but you clearly haven't visited Tedburn Village Stores recently!!! Glad you guys are having a brill time :0)