Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Zion National Park. 08.10.12

Zion National Park is our last stop before the Grand Canyon. With canyon walls 2000' above the snaking valley floor, it is often compared against Bryce - everyone had an opinion as to a winner.

In fact, the people we met all had a clear favourite out of the three parks - Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Interestingly, in our survey of the people we met there was no clear winner.

Which would you choose, on the basis of my very inadequate photographs?

We hiked to the top of Angels Landing, 1500' above the valley floor. Views from the top = stunning. Chance for vertigo = very high. Slips Sarah made on way down = none (unlike Mt Juneau).

'Look, there's the top, and I didn't slip once!"



Black and white photos are just like buses; you wait for one to come along and then two turn up.


  1. Great photos for a cornishman - what camera are you using?
    The place looks fantastic, not a lot of people around!

  2. Thoroughly envious of your travelling. Looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon - hoping it was/is, well, grand! Enjoy La Paz