Wednesday, 6 February 2013

When culverts are your friends.

In my letter to the AAA I mentioned how much we appreciated their culverts. And in the dry north west we certainly relied on them for shelter from the heat, the wind, the storms.

But they came to be something a little more then just shelter, to the point I have started to wander what they are like at home? I am guessing that they are probably always wet or otherwise uninhabitable, but who knows - perhaps there is a little world back home just waiting to be discovered? (Editor; do not be so stupid. We have pubs at home).

Cool enough in the heat of the day for a lie down.

Here is a tribute to a couple of the culverts that we enjoyed - our friends in times of need.

" Sarah, don't say I don't take you nice places."
The tent is up due to a possible shift in the wind direction.

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