Tuesday, 18 September 2012

An evening in Salida and the definition of class.

An evening in Salida and the definition of class.

Warmshowers is a web based network of people who offer hospitality to touring cyclists, and touring cyclists looking for local hospitality. Although we had signed up as members, we had not sought out a local host during our travels. However, in early September we made our first phone enquiry of a host in Salida, Colorado.

Hence on September 10th we knocked on the door of Evan & Abbi, and were quickly welcomed into their home by Abbi. All the more remarkable as that evening they actually had a small dinner party in their garden to celebrate Abbi's birthday the day before.

Their guests (Of retirement+ age) could not have been more delightful.

Chris, a very successful businessman, now building their home (And totally hands-on, mainly Chris and the craftsman, Evan) and Rita, his very beautiful, intelligent, witty wife;

Dom, a recently retired astronaut (No, he was not wearing the silver nor the orange suit. And yes, he has more letters after his name than I actually have in my first, middle and last names) and his wife, Wendy, a person who gave me more joy to be sat next to than anyone I can think of for at least the last decade.

What set them all apart was sheer class; not class as in social standing or monetary terms, but class defined as the ability to put someone at their ease, a phrase I recall from the distant past.

All these people had class in abundance. I suspect that evening will remain a highlight of my trip. I thank you all, especially Evan & Abbi. It was a fine birthday.


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