Friday, 28 September 2012

The Last Dollar and Telluride.

The Last Dollar and Telluride. 17.09.12No, not our last dollar, but The Last Dollar Road, a dirt road which took a 'short-cut' by crossing over some high-country on our route to Telluride. I had also read that it was a beautiful road. I checked with a sports outfitters reference the route. He said that it was a doozey (Editor; American for easy) as far as the turnoff for Sawpit, then it gets interesting.

We climbed over one pass on the normal Tarmac road, then turned onto TLDR. He was right, it was easy at the start. What he meant by interesting is that after the Sawpit turnoff you climbed up another 2500'+. On a rather rocky, steep, dirt road.

And that was interesting.

Some short-lived storms blew through, enought for Sarah to bunker down beside a fallen tree for shelter. It may not look like it, but it was actually quite cozy.

Sarah suffered her 5th puncture (Me = zero). As I was fixing it our guardian angels appeared in the form of Sephen & Adele, brandishing a track pump. Thank you.

However, the views were more than ample compensation. (I would ride The Last Dollar Road again without hesitation).

Tom Cruise has one of his houses there, and he can afford to choose well...... We knocked, but he wasn't in.

Telluride was a place that we had both visited many years ago, before we knew each other. It sits at 8,793' at the end of a dead-end road up a box canyon, surrounded by mountains towering over 13,000'. It takes some beating.

Usually it is a mistake to go back like this. This time it was not, and some nights of luxury were enjoyed by us both (A late birthday event for Sarah).

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