Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Demi-God.

This 'man' is a demi-God.
he is Kevin Burton, the head brewer at The Glacier Brewhouse, Anchorage. Any being who camn create their Beam Stout (Aged in Jim beam barrels) or the Imperial Blonde (Pale, almost mysterious colour, 9% - so one for Jim at The Bridge) surely cannot merely be human.
Which is why I was taken aback when he started a conversation with me in Humpy;s one night. So Kevin, if you ever read this, please forgive m if I seemd a lttle bemused. I was.

Infact, Kevin was not born a human, starting life as a lawyer. I asked him if the change of occupation was easy. He replied;
"Well, there are far fewer jokes about brewers. and I do have friends now'. Obvious when you think about it.
So come visit us at The Bridge sometime. And bring Victoria, Nigel would love to meet her. Infact, if you cannot make it, just send Victoria.

Andy Nordqvist of Exeter asks;
"Dave, what hair products do you travel with? When I go bikepacking in Wales I find my hair aerosols are both bulky to pack and tend to bang against each other - what do you adfvise?"
Good question Andy.
Aerosols are a no-no. I rely on a good haircut, whish is something I ddin't always do - as evidenced by the photo at Heavitree Road! I also use a bike headset grease made by Lush - it comes in a tin, stays solid (So no leaks) and can be used to fit bike headsets, clean drains, wash hair, clothing and shoes, even as fuel in my stove. I hope that helps, just leave those aerosol hairsprays at home, Andy.

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