Friday, 8 June 2012

Last time we were in Anchorage....

Last time we were in Anchorage we had to extend our stay from two to three days to allow for my recovery from mild poisoning contracted from, I believe, a dirty beer glass. You really cannot be too careful. This time we allowed for this possibilty by incorporating some recovery time, thus planning to stay a whole week. We made the most of it.

Your questions answered here:
We do receive some questions from our readers, so here is the first in a series.

Martin from the BikeShed, Exeter asks: Am I the coolest person in the BikeShed?
Good question, Martin. But as we all know if you have to ask, you are not. The answer is Greg. Any man who has only 55% of the typical skeletal frame of an adult male and can still walk has to be the Coolest. Greg is Chief Coolio. Sorry, Martin.

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