Friday, 14 December 2012

1964; Disney Productions R&D meeting 09.12.12

Walt: Todd, I understand you have a new idea for a theme park. Ok, you've got 2 minutes to pitch it to me.

Todd: Thank Mr. Disney. First off we create the worlds largest high-altitude plain - it looks like ice, but its made out of over 4000 square miles of salt!

W: How do we do that?

T : There is this Chinese company who can make and install it the in 7 months, guaranteed.

W: OK, and where does it go, and what will that cost?

T : Its cheap, because we put it in South Americas poorest country, Bolivia. They are looking for the investment.

W: And what is the draw for people?

T: It will be so unusual that will be a draw in itself. Plus we put a small island in the middle which they can visit, but only by four wheel drive. And we make the island out of coral.

W: OK, that' s sounding more interesting. You said high-altitude; how high is it?

T: The best location is at 3660mts. And all round there will be 5000mts-plus volcanos, complete with snow-tipped tops.

W: But what else is going to draw people there? You know how people bore so quickly these days.

T: I've found this Korean family firm who have hundreds of cacti that are up to 1200years old and 12mts high. They've agreed a price to install them all over the island. That will beat Paramount Studios in to a cocked hat.

And if that is not enough in the rainy season the salt plain will form great lakes over the surface, at first only an inch or so deep so still allowing visitors to get there. It will be like a giant mirror.

W: Any last ideas to win me over?

T: I have thought of that. I know you love cycling. So although no one can stay overnight on the island, the exception would be if you cycle there. That should keep it very special.

W: Let me summarise. We have the worlds largest salt plain, at over 3,600mts , surrounded by volcanos, with a small island in the middle made of coral, with 1000year old cacti growing to over 36' tall, and the only people who can stay there overnight are cyclists?

Todd, that all sounds fine and dandy, but you overlook one thing.

T: What is that, sir?

W: It already exists. It is called the Salar de Uyuni in Bolvia.


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