Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wild camping. 17.12.12

Thus far when we wild camp we have had an unsettling experience. Beetles which appear to live in the earth, and which are dormant when we set up camp, become active and munch away at the soil during the night. Munch, munch, munch. The unsettling aspect is that this occurs only inches away from where our heads lie - they are directly under, well, us.

You would not think they would make much noise, but oh yes they darn well do. One night it even induced zombie-killer dreams in my head.

This morning Sarah confessed that she has taken to bashing the ground, just like the fairground game.

I am afraid to say I will also adopt this methodology. I do not like zombie-killer dreams.

Before anyone gets sentimental about the beetles, they are about an inch long. And every time we lift the tent there are loads scampering around. They don't scare easily.
(Editor; do not worry, no beetles were harmed in the preparation of this post. We think).




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