Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Showers. 01.12.12

It may come as a surprise that to learn that in Bolivia there is no hot water in homes or hotels - at least not as we know it. Most buildings do not have a hot water system, not in the kitchen or bathroom. Not anywhere.

Typically there will be a shower head as pictured below (which is a tidy example of its type). This magically turns raw electricity and cold water into hot (Or warm) water. Without electrocuting the shower occupant. So far, at least.

Indeed, this method of wiring is typical of all electrical fittings in Bolivia. Sometimes a socket will actually be within the shower cubicle, positioned so as be liberally sprinkled whilst showering. And people warned us about the dangers of being robbed? But of course, you quickly adapt; after all, to have a shower at all is magic in itself.


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