Friday, 14 December 2012

A depressing village. 07.12.12

Today we arrived in the village of Quillacas, just as a fierce storm blew in. We sought shelter just like every other living thing in the village, and decided to stay the night as it remained highly inclement. A very basic room was found, the weather calmed and before bunkering in I went for a walk.

It depressed me. The village had not changed for many decades, possibly longer, which is neither here nor there; but it was the seeming apathy to the rubbish and general squalor that got to me. The roads remained mud and rock tracks with seemingly no effort made to improve them. In common with the other villages we had been through, they seem to exist on one-room stores in peoples house, run by remarkably elderly people who looked to be nearing a Queens telegram. Maybe even their second.

However, there are two social groups who always seem obviously happy. The Kids and the Dogs. Both are oblivious to what we may term squalor, being full of energy and fun, having a great time playing with their contemporaries and each orher. There are few obvious constraints on either group - and it shows. Perhaps growing up here has some major benfits after all?



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