Wednesday, 5 December 2012

El Alto to Oruro. 04.12.12

El Alto is the larger sister to La Paz, where the indigenous peoples reign supreme. It sits above La Paz city, which the inhabitants refer to as 'the hole'. It is not a tourist destination. And that is where we stayed, to our great entertainment, last Saturday night.

Picture 8000 indigenous people crowded on the streets, and two white persons - us. It was a great, totally friendly atmosphere. And Saturday night is wedding night, which is a very noisy and colourful affair, held in the numerous massive halls which look like redundant Bararella movie sets. Whish was matched bysome of the wedding outfits. There were dozens of these first floor halls in our area. And each one has a large, usually traditional, but always very loud, band. It was a bit of a hullabaloo.

It was just good to be away from other tourists....

From there we biked our way along the altiplano along a 50' wide bike path. Actually, they are in the process of putting in a new, wider road all the way to Oruro and as it was not open yet we had our very own, freshly laid bike path. Thank you Bolivia.



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