Saturday, 9 March 2013

For the past 10 days.... 01.03.13

For the past 10 days or so we have been 'overlapping' our progress with English/South African newly weds, Alistair and Deanna. They are here on motorbikes enjoying their first big bike trip together. It is their first as Deanna only passed her bike test in December, which makes her efforts on these serious, ripio roads - on a fully loaded machine - quite remarkable. If this was medieval times I would say she is 'stout of heart'. But for now I will settle for gutsy.

Alistair keeping up with Deanna on the Carretera. Just.

We have thoroughly enjoyed their company, although the mornings have often been marked by headaches.

The evenings have been punctuated by parillas (a barbeque) and bottles of wine, or sitting around the fire at wild camp spots. (Editor; don't forget the pisco sour night....). It has been really good to have a good natter in the mother tongue.


Evidence of one of the more subdued evening spent with Ali & Deanna.

One particular aspect that was quickly registered by Al (Aries) and myself (Aries) is that Deanna (Leo) and Sarah (Leo) share many 'personality traits' and foibles. At times it was like watching a shadowy version of ourselves, similar to an out-of-body episode. Spooky.

Our shared experience has naturally led Al and myself to form a support group for men who find themselves in a similar situation.

The survivors group is entitled 'AOL' or, Aries Oppressed by Leo's, with a sub-group,

ATL' or, Aries Terrorised by Leo's.

So if you are another oppressed sufferer, get in touch with your fellow brothers at the address below; and remember - 'you do not suffer alone'.

They called him, 'One-eyed Al'.

Alistair pondering the future of their MSR stove. The next day it was posted back home to England, and they reverted to using the trusty Trangular (Editor; Deanna's version of Trangia) stove system. I realise many people use MSR stoves, but I personally know three people who will never use them again, citing various complications in there operation.

Alistair attempting the removal of his remaining eyebrow with his MSR stove.

The Rix entourage. Buene suerte amigos.

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