Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The most photographed??. 27.02.13


This is Jorge, who lives in the small, friendly town of Villa Manihuales. I would hazard a bet that his face appears on more biking blogs about the Carretra than any other.

The reason? Jorge and his family offer free bed space, showers (cold for the men, hot for the women), bike parts, tools and a roof over your head for all the touring cyclists who pass through his town.

So far over 500 have stayed at Jorge's. 502 including us.

His nickname used to be Cazado de Ciclista, or the Hunter of Cyclists, as he would see bikers on the road and offer them his hospitality. But now, they have all heard of his home and seek him out.

I cannot think when I last met a more genuine person than Jorge. Gracias Amigo.


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