Monday, 11 March 2013

Puerto Rio Tranquilo. 5th and 6th March

Some places catch you by surprise; the village of Puerto Rio Tranquilo was one of them. We cycled along the shore of Lago General Carrera before meeting up once again with our offical stalkers, Al & Deanna.

We shared a cabana located directly on the shoreline at the village, the lake so large it was like the sea.

The view from our cabana.

We took one of our rare organised trips by small-boat to the nearby marble caves, which rise from the lake waters like a James Bond movie set. They were surprisingly beautiful, and a reminder to me that some trips really are worth taking.

Add in the rather charming, if diminutive town, the wood-stove heated cabana so perfectly situated, some beer, some wine, some champagne (For the girls) a great stew, stunning views and good company, and we had the recipe for a good time. All we lacked were 'lashings of lemonade'.

That it rained solidly the day we left could not dampen our spirits.

That it was the last day we would see our new friends, did. (Until we meet up back in England, that is).

Adios amigos!


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