Friday, 29 March 2013

Wear & tear. 28.03.13

The past few weeks stuff has started to simply wear out. Patches on my shorts, darned socks, holes in our clothing, in our tent ground sheet, etc. All minor stuff, quite remarkable considering the use everything has had. Then I noticed that my Tubus rack had broken on one of its spars. Fortunately within a few hours I had located a welder who tig welded it back together.

Perhaps not the prettiest weld. But to be honest, he wasn't the prettiest welder either. But it's held so far. It did make me cringe when he worked completely without any eye protection. At least his guide dog didn't seem to mind.

For many years now I have religiously carried a HyperCracker tool. (Editor; an emergency tool for removing a rear cassette to enable a drive-side wheel spoke to be fitted), but I have never had a spoke break on either wheel. Consequently there has always been a part of me which has felt 'hard done by', as it is a minor right-of-passage to replace a broken spoke. No more! Sarah had a rear wheel spoke break, and out came the HyperCracker, never before used. It worked a treat, the new spoke was fitted and I can now feel a little more like a real bike tourer. I know it's weird, but I cannot help it.


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