Friday, 22 March 2013

The Last Days. 07-13.03.13

The Last Days. (Editor; not literally - he means of the Carretera Austral)

The next week saw us moving ever closer to the official end of the Carretera, the small, pioneering settlement of Villa O'Higgins. There the road ends, and as such is the most remote section of the Carretera Austral. As we neared O'Higgins the scenery became even more staggeringly beautiful.

Above; Sarah is just a dot on the track in such a big landscape.

At Puerto Yungay (which consists of the ferry slipway and, fortuitiously, a small cafe where a woman makes fantastic empanadas while you wait) the road becomes an hour long ferry trip across a lake. You can see Sarah's patience seeping out of her as we wait to board. I suspect the empanada lady and the ferry captain are in cahoots, as it didn't leave until I could eat no more empanadas.

This most southerly section certainly felt the most remote, and to my eyes the most beautiful.





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